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3/29/03 - I just updated the site and added some new photos! check them out Here

3/1/03 - I'm working on finishing up the tracks "Crazy In The Morning" & "The Right Way". They will probably be the first two singles off the album that I will hopefully send to a few local radio stations to help promote the upcoming CD. They should be completed within the coming weeks, I will let everyone know when though. Also I have been asked to play at the 2003 Performing Arts Series taking place on "The Green" in downtown Dover this summer. This is a FREE family-style entertainment & concert event so bring everyone! The date of the concert would be July 3rd. The time would be from 7pm to 8pm/8:30pm. I will post more info on this concert soon so stay tuned!!

2/17/03 - The recording of the upcoming cd is coming along fine. Since I'm stranded at home because of the major snow storm we got on the east coast I've had some time to work on it. I think we got like 24 inches here in northern Delaware!

1/26/03 - Just got word that I'll be performing at the upcoming Delaware Music Festival taking place on April 11th & 12th down in Dewey Beach, DE! I still don't have all the info on the show but I'll post more updates as soon as I get them!

1/20/03 - I know I know I need to get some pictures on the site. Don't worry I hopefully will get around to adding a few soon. Still working on recording for the new cd!

1/13/03 - My song Faith Is Falling was played on WSTW's Hometown Heroes radio show lastnight!
Email the host Johnny B at to request it!

1/10/03 - The new Fansite is up & running! You can check it out at: BreneFansOnline
I want to give great Thanks to Rach for doing the site! :)

12/28/02 - Written the first entry in the new Journal page!

12/24/02 - Just re-did the site layout! ** Happy Holidays everyone!! **

12/22/02 - Just added some open mics dates for Jan 2003. I also will be giving out free cd samplers of the upcoming cd at these gigs so come on out to get your copy! If you would like to recieve one FREE by mail please send an email with your mailing info. (free shipping in US - send $3 for international shipping costs)

12/18/02 - I will be doing a live TV performance on the local show "The Artist". The show will air LIVE on JAN 7th at 4:00pm on channel 28 in New Castle County, Delaware!

12/06/02 - Just uploaded another mp3! The song is called The Right Way and will be one of the tracks off my upcoming CD "morningstargazer" and also will be on a 3 song CD Sampler I'll be giving out for free. Right now I'm currently working on recording more songs. The full CD should be finished sometime spring 2003!

11/27/02 - Uploaded a brand new mp3 that will be on my upcoming CD. It's called Crazy In The Morning. So please feel free to Download!

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