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Brene Wilson is a singer/songwriter from the Newark-Bear, Delaware area. He is a self-taught musician in his 20's who has been writing music since the early 1990's. Brene makes his own sound by mixing the smoothness of pop with the edginess of alternative. Creating a rather catchy and interesting style that truly stands out.

Brene has performed in a number of places. Ranging from The Rusty Rudder in Dewey Beach, Delaware to the Bar-B in New York City. He has even performed on the very popular "Duval Street" in Key West, FL. In September of 2002 he was chosen out of over 450 bands & artists from around the country to perform at the first annual Dewey Beach Music Conference. He is also scheduled to perform at this years Delaware Music Festival taking place on April 11-12th 2003 in Dewey Beach, DE.

In early April of 2002 Brene released his own independent 6 song EP Hopeless Dreamer. Which he written, performed and recorded himself. The first single "Faith Is Falling" has received airplay on the Delaware radio station WSTW 93.7FM for their Hometown Heroes Show. The 3rd track "Start Again" has been included on the first compilation CD published by HALE Entertaintment Magazine in 2002. Brene is currently recording his second CD "morningstargazer" which is scheduled to be released in late Spring 2003.


Song reviewed: "Faith Is Falling"
Reviewed by: Jonathan Sanders of
"..This is an amazing song from a guy who has the uncanny ability to have his sound resemble both Our Lady Peace and Oasis. The guitar style on this track is really attractive to the ear, something you'll want to listen to, even if you don't know it yet. It's a simple melody that sounds a lot more complex than it is. This guitarist has a lot of ability, and it shows...." Read more

CD reviewed: "Hopeless Dreamer"
Reviewed by: Jason Hallewell of Hale Entertainment
"To some on the HALE Staff, Brene sounds less like the hopeIess dreamer that his CD suggests, and more like a nasal knock-off of Oasis or the Beatles. All in all, that's not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it the opinion of everyone on staff. With some of his influences, what they are, it's a bit surprising that he sounds the way he does, but not quite as suprising in the way he opens songs like "Denial" ("Love and hate/get it right"). I particularly like the way Brene puts forth the music that he presents, a style that I feel is lacking these days in the new Sisqo/Korn world. I also find his Oasis/Beatles-y vocals a familiar return to that which has passed by" (3 1/2 stars out of 4)

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